Social activities at work

You spend more than 40 hours a week with your colleagues at work, so why take part in social activities with them when you could be with your family or friends?

What are the social events for?

Social activities are used to develop new relationships with your colleagues. They often take place outside of the workplace and create a different relationship with the people you work with on a daily basis.

Social activities are part of the elements that increase employee involvement in a work team and promote exchanges and communication.

Changing the habits of your work team will allow you to get to know your colleagues in a new light.

You probably know their family life, because you’ve heard about them at lunchtime, or having coffee in the morning, but do you really know this colleague who often arrives late because his child is reluctant to get dressed? Or that other colleague, who seems to be always in the corner and whom you only catch a glimpse of at lunchtime?

What do these people think? How do they behave in their private lives?

These activities also serve to develop new affinities in a different and informal context.

Different styles of activities

Some companies have social committees that will propose activities and take care of the organization. Get involved! Propose ideas! Here are a few of them:

Is the weather nice and warm? Now is the time to take advantage of it and suggest outdoor activities to your co-workers or invite them to a picnic in the park at lunchtime.

You like sports? Go for a walk or run together during your lunch hour. Sign up for a team activity such as the Corporate Challenge, obstacle courses or laser tag.

You like puzzles? A 5 à 7 board game at La Revanche or an escape game can be great activities to do as a team.

You like culture? Offer to attend the preview of an exhibition or see a free show at Place d’Youville during the Quebec City Summer Festival.

Do you share an interest in a cause that is close to your heart? Plan a flea market or fundraiser and join together to achieve a goal outside of work!

Sometimes these activities do not need to be complex, costly or time-consuming. For example, an egg hunt at Easter or a potluck at Christmas. In addition to laughter, movement and exchange, you will establish traditions that will be part of your team’s soul!

You see, there are many possibilities.

How do you do it?

Submit your idea to the existing social committee and it will see if it is feasible within its mandate and financial means.

If you don’t have a social committee, send an email to all your colleagues with a description of the event and a Doodle link that will let you know everyone’s availability.

All you have to do is choose the date that suits the largest number of people, book the place and have a good time outside office hours.

P.S: Don’t forget to invite all your colleagues, even if you have less affinity with one of them! And invite your managers, they too are human and like to have fun.

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