Some tips for passive job seekers

“The current reality of the labour market is that people are on the move. They move from one job to another quickly,” says Éloïc Lévesque-Dorion, employment counsellor at the Club de recherche d’emploi Montréal centre-ville. People stay with the same company for an average of three years,” he adds. Everyone will have to find another job eventually. »

Even if you’re not thinking of changing jobs in the short term, it’s still a good idea to stay open to new challenges. A better offer may come along, either in two weeks or in two years.

Unlike active job seekers, who apply directly to employers, passive job seekers let employers come to them. Tips.

Develop your brand image

Whether it’s passive or active, the job search is based on enhancing your brand image,” explains Mr. Lévesque-Dorion. You have to find ways to showcase your experience and skills to potential employers. To do this, social networks are a powerful tool.

Join LinkedIn

The professional online network LinkedIn is a must to develop your brand image. It is therefore important to update your profile regularly, as you would do with your CV, highlighting your achievements. The majority of employers use this network as a recruitment tool,” says Mr. Lévesque-Dorion.

Develop your professional network

LinkedIn also allows you to develop your professional network, the key to getting the job of your dreams. Connect with former colleagues and follow the companies that interest you. And don’t hesitate to get out of the virtual world by having coffee with your contacts. Who knows? One of these relationships may come in handy when the job of your dreams comes up.

Staying on the lookout

Create alerts on LinkedIn and specialized job sites to receive job postings as soon as they appear. Check the Careers section of your favorite companies regularly. You’ll be among the first to see job offers that match your profile.

Acting with subtlety

You don’t need to make it clear that you are looking for new challenges for companies to communicate with you. Recruiters look for candidates based on their skills, not their availability,” says Lévesque-Dorion. When an offer comes up, it will be up to you to decide whether or not to accept it.

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