The 10 most wanted jobs in Montreal with offers and salaries:

Montreal is a city that continues to attract companies from all fields. Investors from all over the world choose the city for its attractiveness. Moreover, a record has just been reached, that of $3.8 billion in investments in 2021. We will tell you in this article which jobs are most in demand in the Quebec metropolis.

Here you will find the list of the most wanted jobs in Montreal with a salary range and job offers on Jobillico for these positions. These are jobs in information technology, health, engineering, mechanics, teaching and construction. Good research!

Here are the main jobs sought in the Montreal region:

Computer network technician Programmer and interactive media developer Carpenters Computer engineer Auxiliary nurse Early childhood educator Civil engineer and technician Electrical engineer and electronic engineer Teacher Heavy vehicle mechanic

1- Computer network technician

Imagine all the companies that have gone into hybrid mode or full teleworking since the start of the pandemic. It makes a lot of people! All of these workers potentially need computer assistance, help installing software and maintaining computer hardware.

Computer network technicians are becoming scarce and highly sought after resources. In Quebec, the average salary of a computer network technician varies between $58,000 and $101,400 per year. In other words, this is a great career opportunity for you.

Here are the job offers for computer network technician in Montreal on Jobillico.

2- Programmer and interactive media developer

Montreal is known to be an attractive city in the field of information and communication technologies. One of the most sought-after jobs in the metropolis is that of programmer and interactive media developer. In other words, if you have skills in reading, writing, modifying and integrating computer code and want to develop applications, you will find what you are looking for in Montreal.

Want to find a job opportunity in programming in Montreal? We have the offers you need.

It is often a rare commodity in Canada and particularly in Montreal. Given the economic growth of the metropolis and the construction projects it generates, carpenters are essential to ensure the construction and finishing of real estate projects.

You should know that construction trades are generally well paid and offer good conditions. Generally, the salary of a carpenter ranges between $58,000 and $85,000 per year.

Here are job offers for carpenters in Montreal.

4- Computer engineer

Also in the computer field, engineers in the sector are highly sought after and the working conditions offered are very competitive compared to other cities known worldwide for this type of industry.

Even if it takes diplomas and several years of experience to reach positions of responsibility, the working conditions and the remuneration are really worth it. The median salary of a computer engineer in Quebec is estimated to be between $85,000 and $112,500 per year.

On Jobillico, we have several job offers for computer engineers in Montreal. Discover them now.

5- Auxiliary nurse

The health field is a sector that recruits everywhere in Quebec, especially in Montreal. We often hear in the media about a labor shortage in the sector and recruitment operations in several countries to attract foreign talent.

The COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the announced reform of the health sector, are creating new opportunities, in addition to vacancies for months. Salaries can range between $39,500 and $60,000 per year. Further increases have been announced by the government and are expected to come into effect soon.

Here are the job offers available on Jobillico for nursing assistant jobs in Montreal.

6- Early Childhood Educator

Here is another beautiful and essential profession that lacks arms in Quebec. It is the province with the greatest shortage of female educators in Canada. Montreal is no exception, it also lacks early childhood educators.

These people work in day care centres, child care services, early childhood centers or in specialized establishments for children with special needs. Salaries range between $40,500 and $84,000 per year. Be aware that negotiations between the unions and the government. Salary increases are planned.

If this career interests you, here are some job offers for early childhood educators in the Montreal area.

7- Engineer and technician in civil engineering

We continue with a job in the field of construction, that of civil engineer. They can work for public or private companies, but also construction consulting companies on projects and construction sites of different types.

This job is in demand in Montreal and the working conditions are very good. Salaries range between $57,000 and $118,000 per year on average. Find the best job offers for civil engineer or civil engineering technician in Montreal here.

8- Electrical engineer and electronic engineer

Many employers need electrical engineers. The mandates are numerous and the employees are often rare. This high-tech field is looking for skilled labor and the working conditions are excellent and competitive.

We are talking about salaries that start at $88,000 and will approach $140,000 per year. In other words, the training is worth the candle. Discover our job offers for electrical engineers in Montreal.

Electronic engineers are equally sought after in the region. Look at job offers for electronics engineers on Jobillico.

9- Teacher

In Quebec, there is a real shortage of teaching manpower. School boards have difficulty recruiting qualified people. Teachers are responsible for designing programs, lesson plans, ensuring that exams are held and corrected.

Whatever the level, primary or secondary, opportunities abound in Montreal. Working conditions remain good and career opportunities are plentiful. Look at the teaching job offers in Montreal.

10- Heavy vehicle mechanic

We end this top 10 with a job in mechanics. The heavy vehicle fleet is very large in Montreal. To maintain it, the city lacks qualified personnel and is constantly recruiting. Private and public employers offer good working conditions to attract the best talent.

If you have the necessary skills and the desire to evolve in an atypical environment, these positions are for you.

Here are the heavy vehicle mechanic jobs available on Jobillico.

To finish…

There are of course many other jobs for which we recruit. Montreal offers great working conditions and an impressive quality of life for such a large city. Finally, we leave you with some tips for finding the job that suits you in Montreal.

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