You asked: The 10 personality traits that will make you loved by everyone

The English recruitment firm CV-Library surveyed more than 1,200 workers to identify the 10 personality traits that make a person likeable at work. Here they are.

1. Positive attitude (61.8%) – Indeed, what could be more daunting than a colleague who is always looking for the bête noire and sees only the pitfalls in front of any project or initiative?

2. Easy access (40.8%)
– In order to connect with colleagues, you have to let yourself be approached. How can you be inviting? By smiling, by adopting an open posture, by looking into the eyes of those who speak to us…

3. Sense of Humour (39.8%)
– You don’t have to be the life of the department here. But knowing how to show a modicum of self-mockery is usually well regarded.

4. Open-mindedness (31%)
– Workplaces are increasingly diverse, and showing curiosity about your colleague’s culture and lifestyle is a good way to make friends.

5. Honest (23.7%)
– Trust is the basis of any relationship,” says Véronique Dagenais-Desmarais, professor of occupational psychology at the Université de Montréal. It is by being honest with your colleagues and your boss, in both our good and bad moves, that you can build this essential trust with the task force.

6. Compassionate (20.6%)
– In a work world that has become ultra-competitive, a compassionate person is like a breath of fresh air in an organization.

7. Confident (19%)
– Nothing is more tiring than a colleague who must always be reassured about the level of his skills and the quality of his work.

8. Motivator (18.8%)
– People want to be inspired. In this context, a worker who has the gift of giving meaning to a project and therefore of playing the spark plug will be greatly appreciated by those around him.

9. Enthusiastic (16.5%)
– Being enthusiastic about a colleague’s idea, comment or project is just one of many ways to give him or her recognition and contribute to his or her professional well-being.

10. Patient (8.5%)
– A 2007 study conducted by the Department of Psychology at UC Davis showed that patients generated fewer negative emotions and showed more gratitude. No wonder we seek their company!

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