The bucket list or “ Ta list from vie ”

January, that month of the year when the word ” résolution” resurfaces within a few days, or at best, a few weeks. As the new year arrives, we make it our mission to name the goal that will motivate us to take our lives to a higher level. Unfortunately, we have to admit that most of us will not go any further in terms of action. Why ça ? Possibly because the exercise lacks concreteness. Naming a goal is one thing, but putting it on paper to leave a trace and establishing an action plan to get there is another. That’s when the list of objectives becomes relevant. If you’re making a list for the coming year, why not produce one for vie ?

The bucket list is a list of dreams and aspirations that we wish to achieve throughout our lives. We often say that time goes by too fast, that we don’t do everything we would like to do, and we often have regrets. But to avoid these regrets, we must take the time to ask ourselves what we really want. That’s what the bucket list can do. Taking a moment to stop and ask yourself the right questions about what you sincerely wish to accomplish is a favour you do to yourself.

In order to achieve this project, which is basically free to everyone, three steps are conseillées ; the brainsorm, the organizationand the map.

The Brainstorm

The first step in making the life list is what we call the brainstorm or the storm of ideas. The purpose of this exercise is to put on paper all the ideas of dreams, goals and aspirations that go through our heads, without censoring ourselves. At this stage it should be borne in mind that this list belongs to us, is private, and need not be considered by anyone else unless we really want it. This is the time to let go of the inspiration.

The Organization

Once we’ve gone through our ideas (this can take several days, coming back to the list from time to time), we need to organize the tout ! After taking a step back, we reread everything and eliminate what seems irrelevant. But beware, to do this, we have to go back to the questions essentielles ! “ Est-is it really something that I désire ? Is this for my own good-être ? Would I have regrets not to realize this projet ?» When we consider our list to be complete, we organize the elements over time into three catégories ; the short, medium and long term. This way, we will know what we want to achieve in the year(s) to come and we will be able to focus on it, while keeping in mind our objectives for a more distant future.

The Plan

When we have targeted our projects to be carried out in the short term, it becomes easier to take concrete action to get there. If, for example, we have a dream of travelling to Africa within the next two years, we have to determine what would prevent us from doing so and find solutions. Lack of argent ? Make a budget with this trip as an objective to our savings. Lack of temps ? Plan our annual vacation based on this adventure. Then, above all, keep in mind that a minimum of organization, determination and time make most dreams come true.

He doesn’t have to say bucket list is an extremely beneficial exercise. Once you have completed it, you should take the time to come back to it periodically and update it as needed to motivate yourself. Then, very quickly, this tool becomes the best ally towards a charmed life.

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