the complete list of your holidays:

For some of you, it is already time to plan certain activities for the coming year. In this article, you will find the complete list of statutory holidays in Quebec. This will allow you to schedule weekends, short vacations with your friends and family.

Of course, it will be necessary to rely on government instructions relating to the health situation. Because, you know, the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over. The government can impose new measures at any time.

Most employees in Quebec are entitled to paid leave and therefore to compensation for each of the statutory holidays.

Here is the complete list of statutory holidays in Quebec in 2022:

January 1 (New Year’s Day) Good Friday (April 15) and / or Easter Monday (April 18), at the employer’s choice May 23 (National Patriots’ Day) June 24 (National holiday Quebec) July 1 (Canada Day) September 5 (Labor Day) October 10 (Thanksgiving) December 25 (Christmas Day) January 1 (New Years Day)

What if you work on a public holiday?

In several fields and in several companies, you may be required to work on a public holiday. If this happens to you, know that you are entitled to compensatory leave or compensation. This choice is up to your employer. If your employer grants you leave, it must be taken within 3 weeks before or after the public holiday worked. This condition does not apply to the national holiday.

Suppose that you are on vacation during a public holiday or that this holiday falls on a day during which you are not working, your employer has the choice of offering you compensatory leave (recovery day) or financial compensation.

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