The Corona Crisis as an opportunity for job search

For many people, the outbreak of the Corona pandemic had a massive impact on their working lives. They were put on short-time work or lost their jobs completely. Finding work is also a major challenge for job seekers due to the insecure everyday situation. And yet Corona is also an opportunity for the job market.

The new flexibility of the world of work

Suddenly it’s working in the home office. Where employers used to insist on rigid working and attendance times, teams suddenly find themselves together in virtual space with just a click of the mouse, can hold consultations and provide services beyond the confines of their own office chair.

The younger generation in particular benefits from the fact that there are no longer any clear demarcations in many occupational profiles. Digitisation alone has created many different occupational groups that are flexible and can work from home. IT employees, editors and graphic designers or consultants are not dependent on a local workplace. For these professions in particular, the Corona crisis offers the opportunity to perhaps even become self-employed or to support other people in going freelance through their work.

Corona as a job opportunity in seasonal work

Due to the precarious situation on the labour market, there is a shortage of seasonal workers everywhere. Many workers who have become unemployed in their actual professions in the hotel and catering industry have to re-orientate themselves, at least temporarily. Here, seasonal work offers an opportunity to bridge the lack of income. There is an acute shortage of personnel, especially in food retailing, agriculture, but also in the large packaging and logistics centres. Those who register there are very likely to get a job immediately and expand their horizons.

Job prospects after the corona crisis in individual cities

An e-learning provider has recently conducted a large study and examined the job prospects after the lockdown in individual cities. For example, cities that live mainly from tourism have been hit hard by the economic crisis. Other industries, on the other hand, have even emerged from the crisis with profits.

According to the study, Munich, Stuttgart, Dresden, Frankfurt and Berlin in particular have emerged from the crisis in good shape. In these cities, job seekers have the best chances of finding new employment again. Those who are adventurous and wanted to do something completely new anyway have the best prospects in Singapore. Singapore ranks first in the world’s best job opportunities after the corona crisis.

How do I find a job again after Corona?

In German-speaking countries, the workpool platform offers you an overview of jobs in the Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Gradually, the economy is awakening from its slumber, so that even those who lost their jobs as a result of the crisis are given a new perspective. On the job portal employers advertise their vacancies. Job seekers have the opportunity to apply directly to the potential employer with their documents.

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