The most profitable trainings

When the time comes to choose a program of study, several factors come into play. Of course, the interests and skills, but if the choice is difficult, why not look at the remuneration of the graduates? Here is a list of the highest weekly salaries by degree and level of education.

A few surprises await you: while university studies still hold the upper hand, several technical and professional training programs can ensure a bright financial future for their graduates.

University Programs

In the list of jobs compiled by the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport, there is only one training program with weekly earnings in excess of $2,000. Dentistry takes first place, followed closely by mining engineering and pharmacy. Note: the first three university programs from which graduates can expect to earn the best salary are bachelor’s degrees, not master’s or doctoral degrees.

  1. 2095 – Dentistry (Bachelor’s degree)
  2. 1827 – Mining Engineering (Bachelor’s degree)
  3. 1701 – Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (Bachelor’s degree)
  4. 1664 – School Administration (Master’s)
  5. 1515 – Computer Engineering and Computer Construction (Master’s degree)
  6. 1479 – Geology (B.Sc.)
  7. 1477 – Business Management and Administration (Master’s degree)
  8. 1463 – Engineering (Master’s)
  9. 1390 – Law (Master’s)
  10. 1392 – Public Administration (Bachelor’s degree)

Technical training at the college

Although navigation is the most important technical training, it is the mining and construction sectors which, unsurprisingly, are at the top of the list in the 2e and 3e rank in the list of paid courses. There are also metallurgy, chemistry and biology, building and public works, environment and land use planning, and electronics.

  1. 1466 – Navigation
  2. 1025 – Mineral Technology: Geology Specialization
  3. 1117 – Mineral Technology: Mineral Processing Specialization
  4. 956 -Metallurgical Engineering Technology: Transformation Process Specialization
  5. 875 – Chemical Engineering Techniques
  6. 872 – Water Sanitation
  7. 871 – Civil Engineering Technology
  8. 847 – Hunting and fisheries management techniques
  9. 839 – Industrial Electronics Technology
  10. 838 – Chemical Process Technology

Vocational training

The mining and site work sectors also top the list of the most remunerative vocational training courses. Other sectors that stand out are metallurgy, forestry and paper, agriculture and fisheries, transportation, and construction and public works. In short, industries that are booming in Québec, especially with the implementation of the Northern Plan.

  1. 1610 – Drilling and blasting
  2. 1601 – Crane driving
  3. 1387 – Ore mining
  4. 1225 – Boilermaking (metallurgy)
  5. 1189 – Felling and wood processing
  6. 1175 – Erection of power lines
  7. 1066 – Professional fishing
  8. 1060 – Truck transportation
  9. 1019 – Masonry restoration
  10. 989 – Structural and architectural assembly (metallurgy)

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