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The curriculum vitae as a mosaic

If you surf the Internet today, you will perceive the modern website structure as a mosaic. There is no longer the classic division by homepage and a menu with services, offers and contact. Many companies present the most important business information in a modular system on the start page. The customer should have the most important information directly in view. The modern CV works according to the same principle today.

From the ladder to the mosaic: Forget the timeline!

Just a few years ago, vocational counsellors were still calling for strictness. The employment biography had to function like a timeline: school, training, working life. Long lists were then drawn up to the day with the dates when and where you took your next steps in working life. Idle times were particularly striking.

Today, it is finally possible to break free from this scourge and to rearrange one’s own life course. The idea behind it: What’s important can be up front. Anyone applying for a job in a particular industry should prominently present all the experience they have gained in that area. It is irrelevant whether these experiences are 10 years older or brand new. HR professionals search the CV for exactly this information: What skills can the potential employee bring to my company? Take this work off his hands by bundling relevant information.

Not just a formality: biographies as a mosaic

In fact, it is also the case in professional reality that CVs take on mosaic form. Scheme F is extinct. It is no longer a law of nature that after graduation comes training and then lifelong employment in a company. The classic fireplace career has become obsolete. Today, graduates are more driven to discover their true talents. This is also good for employers, because they get employees who are motivated and do what they really enjoy doing.

The mosaic describes a new career culture

The job market is broad – there is a job title for every interest and inclination. Employees today are more courageous and dare to take sides. They quit their secure job in a large company with the best opportunities for advancement to go on a world tour and shoot YouTube videos. A so-called mosaic career thrives on dealing with one’s own passions and skills. The path once chosen can be questioned. Many people today dare to listen to their gut feeling. While others raise their forefinger, admonishingly, they trust themselves and, against all reason, change direction. Often with success.

In some cases, even a look at the pay slip becomes secondary against this background. The currencies in job search today are work-life balance and self-realization. The value of a good job lies in being able to get up in the morning, have fun at work and still have enough energy for top performance during the subsequent work-out.

It is precisely this career culture that the new curriculum vitae ultimately reflects. It summarizes the most important stages of your professional life to date in a grid form, bundles the experiences you have made thematically and thus presents itself in a new and, above all, weighted structure.

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