Frequent question: The worst reasons to accept a job offer

You’re about to take a job, but are you doing it for the right reasons? A list of the worst reasons to accept a job.

To make mom and dad happy

Often, because the choice of curriculum is made at a relatively young age, parents have a great deal of influence on their child’s future career. But beyond school, if a job doesn’t satisfy you for some reason, accepting it to please parents is a monumental mistake. After all, parents are not in the office with you! Don’t be afraid to disappoint your parents: if you’re happy and fulfilled at work, they’ll be proud.

For prestige or social pressure

In the same vein, beware of ready-made images presented by the company or even by friends who work in the same professional circle. For example, while some people may love the hectic pace of the big downtown office towers, you may not. It’s true that some titles may “look better” on a happy hour, but they won’t make you happier!

For the money

It’s a cliché, but it’s true: money doesn’t make you happy. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t pay special attention to salary and benefits! In fact, it’s about not making it your only goal. Accepting a position solely for the salary is a risky gamble.

Because it’s the logical continuation of your studies…

You may have had a long university education, during which you visualized your future career. You’ve attended conferences, shaken hands with recruiters, spent sleepless nights for your exams. What if you wanted to change your ways? Your career path may be different from what you originally envisioned. Try an adventure!

For fear of not finding better

The position offered is correct, nothing more. You may be offered a slightly higher salary, and the tasks are a little more interesting. One side of you was hoping for more, but the other side is afraid of failure. Be confident in your skills: the job you’ve been dreaming of may be just around the corner…

Because it’s easy

Not everyone has the same level of ambition and that’s good. But this is no reason to accept a job just because the tasks are “easy”! A job that does not stimulate you will not provide any motivation and will not allow you to develop professionally. Think about it.

For a crush

It is often said that you can have a crush on a corporate culture, a recruiter or workplaces. However, we must ensure that the decision to accept a job or not is not based solely on that crush. Have you asked the right questions? Are there interesting opportunities for advancement, for example? Have you weighed the pros and cons?

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