Best answer: Tips for a successful annual evaluation

Doing your annual evaluation is a privileged moment to exchange with your manager. How to prepare for it, and what to put on avant ?

“ Personne doesn’t like annuelles  evaluations,” admits Marie Vachon, human resources consultant. Yet the majority of workers have to submit to them. According to a survey conducted by the Ordre des CRHA in 2015, 84% of organizations conduct evaluations of rendement , and of those, 23% do two evaluations per year.

Might as well get used to the idea. It’s by actively preparing for it that you will be able to reap all the benefits, whether it’s a new responsibility, a salary increase or even a promotion.

Working upstream

The annual evaluation should not reveal any surprises for either the employee or the employer, believes Ivana Lemme, Senior Consultant at Optimum Talent. To ensure this, the consultant encourages employees to meet periodically with their supervisor to follow up on the objectives set the previous year.

“ On see if everything is okay. We ask our questions. Does the business at changé ? Are our objectives always adapted to the market targeted by entreprise ?»

Taking stock

The annual performance review is the ideal time to take stock of the past year. In fact, many companies ask employees to self-assess themselves. So, what should be included in the bilan ?

“ On relates, with concrete facts, our good deeds, the initiatives we have taken, the congratulations we have received from a client,” Marie Vachon illustrates. We also take stock of the bad things we’ve done. If difficult situations have arisen, we identify what we did to get out of them, while putting the situation in context, because sometimes there are elements that are beyond our control.»

Preparing for the coming year

The annual appraisal is an opportunity to share our career aspirations. New objectives will be set with the manager.

“ Si you feel due for a promotion, you can’t take for granted that the manager will think about it,” warns Ivana Lemme. It’s important to showcase our value in the market and to highlight our successes.»

If you want to take training, it’s also time to ask for it: “ C is good for the company, and it’s good for our employability,” confirms the counsellor. What’s more, employers like to have proactive employees.»

Be open

The annual evaluation should be seen as an exchange, says Marie Vachon. “ C’is important to be calm, to have a positive, open and receptive attitude.»

For example, when faced with criticism, it is better to ask questions than to get up in arms, suggests the counsellor: “ Quand the employer wants us to improve something, we can ask for examples or précisions ; by asking open-ended questions, we make sure that we have the same perception as the manager.»

Finally, it is good to keep in mind that the annual evaluation is not a release. “ Si we’re in a conflict or difficult situation,” says Ivana Lemme, “it’s best to address the issue as soon as it arises and not wait for the annual meeting.»

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