Quick Answer: Travel: a great addition to your CV

Travel: a great addition to your resume

Leaving to come back better. That’s a saying we all know, but is it really true? Would traveling actually be beneficial to one’s professional life?

Feeling trapped in an endless wheel at work, no longer having motivation or ambition, questioning our professional future are very normal symptoms for many of us. So, what could make the wheel turn the other way?

Leave the country! Leave your daily life! The list of short, medium and long-term positive effects on your professional life will be quite long, you’ll see.

Above all, travelling does not mean going to bask in the Cancun sun on the same chair, by the same pool, surrounded by the same people, eating the same food for 7 days. Travelling means getting out of your physical and mental comfort zone, being confused, discovering new flavours, exchanging about our different cultures, getting by in the middle of an unknown environment, learning a new language. You understand the concept.

First of all, when travelling, the budget will have to be managed impeccably, because otherwise, money flies away! If it is planned and scheduled, the trip can be done in a very modest way. All options are feasible to live on a tight budget. You can stay in youth hostels, make couchsurfing¹ (borrow the couch of a volunteer host), make the workaway² (working a few hours a week for a family in exchange for accommodation and meals).

Changing your routine completely, on another continent and surrounded by strangers, can indeed be frightening, but that is what creates the richness of the experience. Being afraid is not necessarily pejorative. It allows one to question oneself more deeply about one’s needs and desires. Fear on a journey allows us to discover ourselves, to build ourselves and to develop emotional intelligence. It forces us to adapt to the environment around us. When travelling, time is offered to you to think, to think a lot and for a long time.

Besides, we must not believe that everything will be all right throughout this adventure. It’s quite normal to encounter difficulties during the process, and that’s part of the experience! Without a few setbacks, the goal would not be achieved. It is therefore through a happy journey, strewn with small misadventures, experiences or mistakes, that self-discovery takes on its full meaning. Thus, coming back home after the rich formative experience that is travel will certainly allow you to evolve in the professional sphere. There will most likely be a reorientation, a return to school, a greater motivation. It will then be possible to notice a greater tolerance to changes in the environment, to risk or conflict, a greater self-knowledge, being more focused on one’s professional motivations, a greater adaptability, a development of emotional intelligence, both on a professional and personal level etc.

In short, travel can only have positive short- and long-term effects on an individual’s career path. Moreover, it is as positive for the employee who has travelled as it is for the employer who hires the traveller, but this subject will be the subject of a future article. ☺

  1. Couchsurfing: a company whose corporate purpose is to provide a free temporary accommodation service, person to person.
  2. info: a global network that connects travellers ready to lend a hand with hosts who need help with their projects or activities. Guests can be individuals, families or groups.

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