Waking up at dawn: the solution to feel mieux ?

The alarm clock’s ringing. Quick, get in the shower. No time for déjeuner ; we’re off to work. We eat in front of the computer and run to the gym before we make dinner. A little Netflix and we start again the next day. Reminds you of chose ? Many of us are tired of participating in what the English call the “Netflix”. rat race. What if the solution was to get up at aurores ?

In recent years, the principle of waking up before the sun has been gaining momentum in North America and Europe. As a sign of our devotion to being ever more productive, authors like Hal Elrod (  The Miracle Morning  ) or Jeff Sanders (  The 5 h Miracle  ) are now millionaires. Their message: get up at dawn, you’ll be more efficient (and épanoui !).

It is, in fact, a whole morning discipline. Meditating, reading, writing, playing sports and taking a moment to set goals. With this routine, you go to work with clear ideas, ready to face the day ahead of the others.

Solution miracle ?

Yes and no. Several journalists and bloggers have tried the experiment and all seem to come to the same conclusion: they like it, but it’s not easy to hold on to in the long run. Social life is taking its toll on the common cold. It is indeed a bit distressing to yawn every two minutes in front of our friends as early as 10 p.m.

And there are some dangers surrounding this practice. First of all, everyone has their own sleep patterns. If it is out of sync, it can lead to a lack of rest, which increases various health risks.

But there are also advantages. The main one is that you don’t feel like you’re always in the race. Of course, it helps reduce stress.

4 tips for getting up early

Do you feel like essayer ? Here are a few tips to help you get there.

Take it slowly. Do you usually wake up at 8:15 a.m. every matins ? You don’t have to set your dial to 5:00 right away. Aim for 7:30 instead. This will help your body adapt to the change and avoid disturbing your sleep too much. And don’t forget to get more sleep tôt !

Never press snooze. No matter what time you wake up, do not use the infamous “ snooze ” button. In fact, this state of drowsiness will only make us feel more tired.

Take this time to do something you like. Do you have the discipline to tear yourself out of bed before the singing of coq ? You deserve a récompense ! Read a book or make yourself a good latte. Above all, don’t take the opportunity to answer work emails…

Sleeping in every now and then. Don’t go crazy. Is it a friend’s party at soir ? Take a little nap before you go, just to keep it together. And the next day, stay nice and warm under couette !

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