Well-paid jobs in Canada without university degrees:

For many reasons, you may not have gone to college. It is not a drama, since you can succeed in your professional life without going through the faculty box. There are many possible careers with high school diplomas or vocational diplomas.

In a previous article, we told you that university degrees do not guarantee good wages or good working conditions, even if they contribute to it. Precisely, we want to prove it by offering you in this article a list of well-paid jobs, with good conditions and without a university degree.

Let’s discover these trades with the job descriptions that correspond to them.

Web developer

All over the world, specialized digital profiles are sought after. Canada is no exception to this observation, on the contrary. There is currently a big gap to be filled in web development.

In short, being a web developer is studying, designing and producing websites.

There are many career opportunities and so are employers. Businesses in all fields may need web developers to market their businesses and sell their products.

Interested in a career in web development? Here are job postings posted on Jobillico and Web Developer Salaries to give you an idea.


The construction trades are well paid in Canada. The profession of plumber is no exception to the rule.

Even if you don’t have to be a graduate of a university, the plumber’s job requires preparation. Afterwards, a vocational studies diploma is sufficient to enter the labor market. Here are the details of the career guide to becoming a plumber.

On Jobillico, you will find many job offers for the plumber trade, this will give you an idea of ​​the tasks to be performed and the salaries of plumbers in Quebec.


We must not confuse a mechanic with a mechanical engineer. If you’re passionate about auto mechanics, you don’t have to go to college to find your niche. An 1800-hour vocational studies diploma is more than enough to acquire the skills necessary for the diagnosis and repair of automobiles.

Here’s what to know if you want to start a career as a mechanic. We have many job offers for mechanics.

Sales associate

Depending on the industries in which you decide to sell, you can live comfortably working in the field of sales.

All areas need these kinds of sales oriented profiles. There are therefore many career possibilities.

Often, a college diploma (DEC) is sufficient to practice this trade. Find out what you need to know about being a sales associate.

Real estate agent

In the same vein of sales professions, that of real estate agent is highly sought after. The increasing supply and demand for real estate generates needs for people who can understand and meet the needs of sellers and buyers.

Generally, you must have an ACS in real estate brokerage or mortgage brokerage and pass a certification exam.

See our career guide for the real estate agent profession for more details.

Flight attendant

If you love travel and customer service, this job is for you. A flight attendant works for airlines, railways or shipping companies. Despite the pandemic, the resumption of travel promises great career opportunities and prospects.

To become a flight attendant, you must successfully complete high school and complete training approved by Transport Canada. Thus, you will be able to exercise this profession.

Here are the details of the flight attendant career on our career guide.


The receptionist is the company’s first showcase. We keep a good or a bad image of the company depending on how we were received.

A profession that is increasingly well paid and considered. To exercise it, you must pass secondary school and master some computer and office software.

If you want to start a career as a receptionist, read our receptionist job description.

There are of course dozens of other professions that are well paid and do not require a university degree. No matter what educational background you have, motivation, perseverance and talent are qualities necessary for success.

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