What are the mistakes of applying to avoid?

What are the CV mistakes that should not be made?

1. Do not prioritize information in your CV

To be readable, a CV must be structured. Make sure that the most important information appears first, as the recruiter should be able to spot your strengths for the job right away. Also work on the hook of your CV to make the recruiter want to read it.

2. Lying about your skills in your CV

The temptation to embellish your CV can be strong, but risky. Because recruiters notice, most of the time, these tricks. Some will require, for example, a photocopy of the diploma obtained. Others will not hesitate to test your English during the recruitment interview … State your know-how and behavioral skills (otherwise called soft skills) as true as possible.

3. Skimp on the layout of your CV

Unless you are applying for a creative position, the layout of your CV should be sober in order to be as clear as possible to the recruiter.

Choose a readable font (Arial, Verdana …), avoid too long blocks of text and insert a photo (even if it is not compulsory, it remains appreciated by recruiters).

What are some cover letter mistakes you should not make?

1. Make spelling mistakes in your cover letter

It is crippling! Especially if you are running for a position where good writing skills are a must.

If you don’t have a good pen, focus on short sentences, simple formulations, and make no mistakes with the polite phrase. Be careful not to scratch the recruiter’s name or the name of the company.

And to avoid missteps, have someone else proofread you.

2. Not knowing how to sell yourself in your cover letter

Adopt a positive style! Ban the formulas “I was asked to” or “It took that”. Instead, prefer “I undertook to”, “I participated in”.

Highlight your internship periods, seasonal jobs, associative projects, experiences abroad … “So many elements that will allow you to judge your capacity for initiative, your rigor and your open-mindedness”, explains David Britta, HR Development Director at Vitae Conseil.

3. Do not personalize your cover letter

Take a step back from the letter models you will find on the Internet and personalize your cover letter : Explain how your application is relevant for this position in question.

To meet the recruiter’s expectations, do not hesitate to use the keywords from the job offer and write a catchphrase to get their attention.

What are some job interview mistakes you shouldn’t make?

1. Arrive late for the job interview

Whatever your excuse, being late for an interview can be eliminating. “It’s hard for the recruiter to shake off a bad first impression,” says David Britta.

To limit the damage, call the recruiter to let them know.

2. Not having inquired about the company in which you are applying

An interview is getting ready! “It’s being lax to come to a job interview with your hands in your pockets,” explains David Britta.

Find out beforehand about the size of the company, its turnover, the products it markets, its future projects … To do this, explore the web and in particular the company’s corporate site.

3. Too much emphasis during the interview

Claiming that you are an excellent manager on the pretext that you have taken a two-hour management module in the last semester is risky … commercial position, ”warns David Britta. Because you will have to prove yourself as a candidate, even if you come out of a major school.

“It’s good to show ambition. However, we must not skip the steps ”. Nor is it about flaunting all your skills and personal qualities.

4. Do not ask questions about the position being interviewed

To end an interview, it is good practice to ask the recruiter questions. “Prepare a series of questions about the company and the position in advance,” recommends Jean-Michel Rolland, head of the “Human Management Business Innovation” department at ISEN.

In full search of a new job, you go through the job offers and you seek to optimize your application as much as possible. Check out our six tips that are sure to help you find a job.

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