What do employees want in 2022 and how can they be met? :

We are not soothsayers, nor astrologers, nor even theoreticians of human resources, but there are general observations that are being made. Employees are more and more demanding (with good reason) and employers will have to deal with this fact.

Based on labor market needs and current trends: telecommuting, flexible working hours, salary increases, etc. We are able to provide you with some of the employee needs for this year. So what do employees want in 2022?

Salary increase Changing jobs (new professional perspective) More flexibility Better working conditions More telecommuting A strong employer brand Better team spirit Having colleagues from all over the world Having a well-deserved rest

Salary increase

Like every beginning of the year, we project ourselves and make personal and professional projects. The year 2022 will not escape the wish for a salary increase.

One of the main reasons employees leave is to find a better career opportunity elsewhere and greater benefits. It also goes through the salary. Even though salaries have increased across Canada in 2021, you will need to make an extra effort to propose new increases for 2022 in order to keep the maximum number of employees in your company.

Let’s not forget that inflation has increased in these pandemic times. It’s unheard of in 30 years, and everything goes: from our simple grocery basket, to the biggest investments of a lifetime like buying a house.

Several tools such as salary calculators can help employees and employers get a better idea of ​​the rates charged in a given industry and a given province.

Changing jobs and finding a new professional perspective

You’ve heard of the great resignation? This is the movement of resignations observed in the United States and Canada in the summer of 2021. Indeed, four million people left their jobs during this period in the United States. The vast majority of people are Generation Y and Z.

The reasons are multiple: a desire for change, a better match between the values ​​of the person and those of the employer or quite simply a change of professional horizon after the pandemic.

Robert Half’s 2022 salary guide reported a 20% increase in resignations in 2020-21. Everything suggests that this trend will persist in 2022.

What should we conclude from this?

That work-life balance has never been more important. Our mental health has been battered for the past two years. Many employees feel that they no longer have to endure more work-related stress and pressure. Come what may in a booming job market.

Employers certainly need to be questioned in order to know the reasons and act accordingly. Basically, human resources specialists must play the game of internal audit to be able to anticipate certain reasons for the departure of employees.

Better working conditions

We are not necessarily talking about salaries. Group insurance, corporate activities, snacks provided by the company, corporate chalet, generous leave policy… Companies often compete in ingenuity and offer multiple gifts to their employees.

The objective is of course to retain employees and attract new ones, but also to build a strong and solid brand image.

Employees should not be taken for profiteers who are only looking for gifts. But in such a competitive job market, employers who go ahead and put their hands in their pockets to spoil employees, that makes the difference.

More flexibility at work

In the continuity of telework and the hybrid work mode, employers will have to grant more flexibility to employees.

We have seen this with the various health measures: parents often have to babysit and school them at home. A teleworker should not worry about being able to keep their child and continue to work. In this case, why not allow employees to make up their hours in the evening or at another time when they can be more focused.

No more telecommuting

The pandemic has shown the effectiveness of telework, contrary to what many bosses thought. There have been no major bankruptcies, nor excessive theft of time, nor even a drop in profitability. Working from home has kept millions of workers healthy as waves of infection pass.

For the few companies that are still reluctant, it’s not too late to take the path of flexibility. The sooner you do it, the sooner you will discover the benefits.

If you are looking for a telecommuting job, there are techniques to have and reflexes to master.

A strong employer brand

We have discussed this topic many times. An employer brand is not built in a day, it proves itself in the face of the challenges it faces.

Once again, the employer brand is not a presence and overused values ​​on social networks and on the various media. It’s a real sincere storytelling and values ​​that appear on a daily basis in the company. Employees must be able to identify with the values ​​conveyed by their employer.

We almost forgot to talk about the corporate culture that had to be maintained against all odds. Bring the company’s values, beliefs and attitude to life through its projects, communications and growth.

A better team spirit

In the context of teleworking, we often find ourselves alone in our office at home. This loneliness affects the morale of the troops. Months pass and the team spirit falls from high. We sometimes come to no longer know our colleagues, especially if they are in other departments than ours.

Employers are therefore faced with a major challenge: maintaining team cohesion in a telework context. Virtual meetings, remote office parties, etc. A real headache for human resources managers as the pandemic continues to undermine the morale of the troops.

Have colleagues from all over the world

In many areas, the labor shortage is such that companies resort to international recruitment to find talent. This trend is not unknown to Canada.

Telework has favored this working method which makes it possible to meet the needs of companies and which strengthens the teams in the face of urgent needs such as in the information technology sector.

Employment platforms like Jobillico offer you the possibility of recruiting candidates from abroad. For employees, diversity is always appreciated. Companies with teams from all walks of life, it is the guarantee of efficient work and a close-knit staff.

Have a well-deserved rest

There is a global trend of professional exhaustion or burnout. Canada is no exception.

Burnout is more prevalent among workers in the health and social services field, naturally exhausted after two years of the pandemic, but also those in transportation, childcare, etc.

In Canada, more than a third of workers say they are exhausted. A figure that is not reassuring and that says a lot about the need to give time and less pressure on the shoulders of workers.

To finish…

This wish list is naturally not exhaustive. The needs of workers and employers are more complex and constantly increasing. Be that as it may, the competition on the job market will be even tougher this year. People in human resources will have to redouble their efforts and creativity to attract and retain talent.

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