You asked: What if you only had one interview question to ask?

We surveyed a few recruiters to find out THE interview question they would ask candidates if they were allowed only one. Here’s what they told us.

“ why, at this point in your career, do you decide to choose our entreprise ? And how would you like to contribute to its success in your news fonctions ?» Mathieu Beaufort, CHRP, Vice President and Partner at 1MPACT Business Partners

This question allows him or her to assess both whether the candidate has prepared specifically for this interview and at what stage of their career they are at. “ Les answers are sometimes very muddy, because the candidate is shooting in a lot of directions at the same time temps ,” he notes.

“ if you had an unlimited budget and no restrictions to spend it, what would you do with it in our entreprise ?»

Charlène Brahim, Director of Business Solutions at Humanify360

“ Each response initiates discussion and brings out frustrations encountered in previous jobs,” she says. It says a lot about the things that are important to the person, so it helps me to properly assess the made.» In fact, he was asked this question during his own interview with Humanify360: “ Depuis, I’m not giving up plus !»

“ How are you going to be happy in the vie ?»

Simon Clément, CHRP, Director, Culture and Talent at nnumann

“ C ‘It’s easy to be a good candidate, but it’s another thing to be a good employee,” he says. By taking a greater interest in the person, we can learn a lot more about their motivation, level of commitment, life balance, etc.»

“ In what kind of job and what kind of company do you need to be to contribute to the success of the company, to feel like getting up in the morning, and to thrive in your work and in your équipe ? ”

Claude Martel, executive recruiter at Ascension

According to the recruiter, this interview question allows the candidate “ de to mix his desire to contribute his knowledge and skills with the notion of fulfilment professionnel ”. “ Tout the world has the desire to find meaning in what it does, and to have the desire to get up in the morning and go to travailler ,” he argues.

“Considering your past professional experiences, if you were asked to choose a position and hold it until the end of your career, describe to me this role and the environment in which you would have to evolve and contribute, and pourquoi ?»

Mélanie Sirois, President and owner of Dotemtex executive search

“ it never happens that I have a single interview question to ask,” she says. But if I did, I’d want to find out what the person needs to be happy in a future job, to see if what we offer might fit what they want.»

All five recruiters say that their question has evolved with experience, but also with context. The current labour shortage and the new view of work held by younger candidates are therefore reflected in their responses. ” ‘Today, people want their jobs to be fun and fulfilling, but they also want them to fit in with their valeurs ,” says Mélanie Sirois. “ Nous have realised that if we don’t ask the right questions, we’re going to displease the candidates and they’ll go to ailleurs ,” adds Claude Martel.

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