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You may have seen these videos of young people filming themselves quitting in the United States. They have been millions to do so since last summer. This phenomenon, known as the great resignation, has sparked a lot of reactions and questioning in the world of HR. In the United States alone, more than 24 million workers left their jobs between April and September 2021.

During this pandemic, we have all heard of someone who decided to change their life. Professional retraining, new beginnings and other life decisions fuel the media, which is often fond of these kinds of stories that make us dream and push us to take the leap of change of course.

In this article, we will try to find out why so many workers are deciding to quit in such unstable times and how employers could stem this “hemorrhage” in talent retention.

Why this big resignation?

It’s a global trend. We are no longer able to bear certain work-related dissatisfactions. The pandemic has opened our eyes to the essentials, namely our physical and mental health, but also our safety and the importance of reviewing our sense of priorities.

A survey of 4,200 Canadian employees by Hays Canada reveals that 65% of respondents are seriously considering leaving their job. This is an increase of 16 points in one year. What motivates employees to leave their jobs are several reasons related to salaries, employee well-being and lack of career development.

It must be said that this movement is a real headache for employers who already have to deal with a talent shortage. The next few months and the relaxation of health measures that will follow will only complicate things.

Faced with rising inflation and stagnating wages, many workers are deciding to take the plunge and see if the grass is greener elsewhere. Moreover, we took it with humor by offering a guide to employers who want to lose their employees.

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Much of the answer lies in the reasons employees leave. Indeed, it is expected that a quarter of employers will increase their wages.

According to the survey cited above, nearly 40% of employers say they are ready to change their corporate culture and improve it. This means better communication, supporting the workforce, encouraging digital disconnection and encouraging employees to take more vacations.

Among the demands of the employees, that of having a better balance between personal life and professional life and also that the employer be attentive to problems related to mental health.

The end of the pandemic to save the great resignation

We have often talked about it, flexibility is more and more in demand in the world of work at the time of the pandemic.

We have just learned of the upcoming lifting of certain health measures in Quebec. Unemployment and economic recovery figures will confirm the trend of economic recovery.

You should know that teleworking will no longer be compulsory from February 28. Returning to the office will be a talent retention issue and employers will need to find the right balance between telecommuting and hybrid work.

This is therefore an opportunity for companies to review their employee onboarding processes and talent retention policies.

Time will tell if the end of compulsory telework will mark a reunion with the meaning of work and with the culture of the company. It is estimated that 60% of companies would be willing to continue with the hybrid working mode.

To finish…

Simple cyclical phenomenon or real trend in the labor market, what is certain is that there is a real malaise felt by most workers in 2022. Employers, often in a weak position, are called upon to be more listening and responding to workers’ demands.

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