What is the headhunter looking for?

The headhunter’s mission is to move heaven and earth to find the perfect match. We spoke with some of them, to find out what the most important criteria are when looking for a candidate and how you can expect to be noticed by them.

The headhunter comes into play when an employer is unable to fill a position on his or her own, lacks expertise in recruitment or in the specific field of the position, lacks time or wishes to conduct the search in complete confidentiality.

To go hunting, the means are as varied as the hunters themselves: calling on their network and SEO, conducting exploratory meetings, searching social media, including the popular LinkedIn, consulting company directories, their internal database, or taking part in industry events where candidates are being sought, for example.

The Seeker Head

For Éric Mallette, partner, vice-president and general manager of La Tête chercheuse, three main qualities spark his interest when meeting candidates: authenticity, adaptability and the ability to be introspective.
He asks himself the following questions: “Is it possible to establish a climate of trust with the candidate? Does he or she have the ability to adapt to changes and can he or she be an agent of those changes? And finally, is he or she capable of introspection and self-questioning? »

BC Human Resources

Nathalie Bougie, headhunter at BC Human Resources, pays particular attention to job stability, transparency and honesty. “Has the person always held the same level of position or changed jobs several times, or has he or she had a career progression instead, while demonstrating loyalty to his or her employer? Does he or she know how to demonstrate that he or she has the basic skills required? “These are questions she will try to answer as soon as she takes a closer look at a candidate.

St-Amour and associates

At St-Amour and Associates, Sonia Riverin, a senior partner specializing in the pharmaceutical and medical field, must regularly fill high-level positions, which is why she is looking for candidates with leadership qualities. “Is the person able to create consensus within a team? Is he or she respected in the industry? Has he or she demonstrated the ability to develop the potential of his or her team, to work under pressure and to take calculated risks? And more than that, will he or she be able to adapt to the challenges of his or her market and company? “This is what motivates her quest.

Regardless of the hunter or the hunting method, you have to be out there, make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date, be motivated and passionate,” says Éric Mallette. For Nathalie Bougie, “you have to know what you want and what you’re worth,” and according to Sonia Riverin, “you have to have a specific skills profile, and know how to stand out from the crowd.

The professionals we met also specified that they notice many candidates simply by sending a spontaneous application… The hunted hunter, what!

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