You asked: Work-family balance, you’re entitled to it!

Let’s face it, it’s not always easy to balance work and private life.

More and more employers are offering work-life balance measures, but do they really meet your needs? Who is entitled to these measures? Do we have to have a family to take advantage of them?

No! All employees can benefit from work-life balance measures. Whether you have a family to support, you have gone back to school, you are caring for someone who is sick, or you want to get involved as a volunteer… You are entitled to it.

Your company does not have any measures for reconciling work and family life? Don’t wait for your employer to take the first steps. Take the lead and talk to your colleagues at travail :

  • What difficulties do they experience in managing their private life and work?
  • What are their needs?
  • What could help them in their time management?

You’ll soon realize that you’re not the only one who has trouble finding time to do everything.

Be imaginative! There are no limits to what can be put in place.

Out of inspiration? Need ideas for action?

Here are a few suggestions that you could offer at your employeur :

  • A flexible schedule (arrive later in the morning, finish earlier in the evening or have a longer or shorter lunch break);
  • Teleworking;
  • The reduced week (4 days from 9 heures);
  • Have a coach come over at dinner time;
  • Reimbursement of parking fees or bus pass;
  • Gym membership;
  • Have a mechanic come in for tire changes before and after the winter;
  • Offer dinner once a month.

Once you have consulted with your colleagues, list the main ideas and suggestions and then make an appointment with your management to outline the situation.

Employers want to have people invested in their work. If the well-being of their employees requires a schedule arrangement, they will most certainly be open to conversation.

Rather than spending your time trying to organize your schedule alone, talk to your manager. Together, you will surely find an effective solution!

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