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what qualities are recruiters looking for?

In addition to the qualities of a sales force, the faculty of persuasion and an essential ability to listen, all salespeople must have assets according to their target: individuals in BtoC, companies in BtoB. Focus on the key skills to attract recruiters when you are a B2B salesperson.

“Above all, we must reverse the misconception that the sales function in BtoB is more noble than in BtoC, indicates Cyril Capel, director at CCLD Recruitment. Too often this is how the equation is presented. Gold, these are two very distinct functions which each correspond to different personalities and needs. “And which therefore require adapted skills.” Selling to companies sometimes takes place outside the office. Knowing how to develop and use your network is therefore crucial to conclude business. And now, it is also on the web that you have to know how to sell. “

Have an eye for detail more than the ability to repeat efforts

Faced with the end consumer, the BtoC (Business to Consumer) salesperson will have to manage a much larger volume of customers and prospects. A context that means spending a lot of time on dates. “You have to have a strong conviviality with in particular a developed capital of sympathy or even know how to spontaneously establish a natural relationship”, describes Lydia Triffaut, partner at Business Talent. More interactions and therefore more failures too which require a resilient temperament. Conversely, for the BtoB (Business to Business) salesperson, “ recruiters expect less to know how to manage volumes than an eye for detail in order to better target their information and meet the needs of companies », Notes Cyril Capel. As Lydia Triffaut points out: “the BtoC salesperson accomplishes a mission that is overall more physically and mentally demanding than his BtoB alter ego. “
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More strategic profiles in the face of longer sales cycles

The BtoB sales function thus takes on a more strategic approach. “It involves writing in-depth proposals adapted to the company’s demand, it implies longer negotiation phases and knowing how to manage your relationship with the client. On the other hand, in addition to this long-term vision, these positions most often require real technical skills as well as expertise in the sector of activity in which we operate », Explains Lydia Triffaut. Methodical, organized and expert in his field, so many skills that recruiters will try to detect in order to be able, for example manage portfolios or make new offers without having to meet the client again.

A logic more rational than emotional

Faced with the strong emotional dimension that emerges during the act of buying in BtoC, empathy, the taste of others, is a less significant characteristic in the BtoB salesperson. The company justifies its decision on the basis of operational needs or in order to increase its efficiency. This rational logic will lead the salesperson to “work upstream to know the company’s ecosystem, business processes or even its IT or digital environment for example, to guide his speech”, notes El Hadi Basta, sales director of Aareon France. An analytical profile by nature therefore, responding to sales cycles that often require several meetings or telephone conversations depending on the size of the projects and the maturity of the prospect.

Know how to network … on the web too!

Trade fairs, entrepreneurs’ clubs, meals … The sale of services or products to companies sometimes takes place outside the offices. Knowing how to develop and use your network is therefore crucial to doing business. And now, it’s also on the web that you have to know how to sell, whether in groups on dedicated social networks or on specialized sites.
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The increasingly qualified BtoC salesperson

Finally, if the BtoB salesperson is generally recruited at a higher education level because they benefit from more in-depth technical knowledge, for Cyril Capel: “The prevailing norm among recruiters, namely that the BtoB salesperson has a +5 baccalaureate and the BtoC salesperson rather a +2/3 baccalaureate, is much less true than ten years ago. Quite simply because professional trajectories today are much more complex and evolving. “On the other hand, if it is not necessarily necessary to master foreign languages ​​to embrace a BtoC sales career, as El Hadi Basta underlines:” a good level of English is on the other hand essential in BtoB with internationalization of trade. Especially if the person wishes to evolve in his functions and gain responsibilities in the long term. “
And you, have you made your choice between BtoB and BtoC? Have you ever practiced both? Tell us in the comments.
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