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Organic Chemist

2 Days ago
North York, ON | Job type:

Crystallography inorganic chemistry accurate. team player. excellent oral communication. excellent written communication. client focus. judgement. organized

Laboratory Chemist

3 Days ago
976 Elgin Ave.Winnipeg, MBR3E 1B4 | Job type:
Osorno Enterprises Inc.

Attention to detail urban area reaction kinetics physical chemistry. analytical chemistry accurate. team player. organized

Organic Chemist

Jun 08, 2021
Edmonton, AB | Job type:
TC Scientific Inc.

Analyze, synthesize, purify, modify and characterize chemical or biochemical compounds. conduct research into the synthesis and properties of chemical compounds and the mechanisms of chemical reactions pharmaceuticals and medicines ms...

Chemistry Research Scientist

Jun 03, 2021
Olds, AB | Job type:
Olds Softgels Inc.

Nanoelectronics and other applications of chemistry pharmaceuticals and medicines synthetic. surface and colloid sciences analytical chemistry

Chemistry Researcher

May 19, 2021
480, QCG6W 7V6 | Job type:
OmegaChem Inc.

Physical separation techniques organic chemistry. medical chemistry research institute. laboratory or centre transportation/travel information public transportation is available fast.paced environment. manual dexterity. attention to...

Chemical Laboratory Technologist

19900 av Clark GrahamBaie-d'Urfé, QCH9X 3R8 | Job type:
Shoei Canada Corporation

Method and technique development inorganic chemistry. analytical chemistry industrial and inorganic chemicals manual dexterity. attention to detail accurate. judgement. organized

Engineer, Chemical Processes

Etobicoke, ON | Job type:
Trans-United Consultants Ltd.

Industrial chemistry. environment or pollution control. system integration industrial chemicals manufacturing fast.paced environment. work under pressure. attention to detail. tight deadlines 1 to 2 people urban area effective...

Quality Control Technologist - Chemical Processing

Woodbridge, ON | Job type:
MMR Consulting Inc.

Biochemistry pharmaceuticals and medicines transportation/travel information public transportation is available fast.paced environment. work under pressure. repetitive tasks. physically demanding. manual dexterity. attention to detail....


Jun 09, 2021
Maple Ridge, BC | Job type:
Process Mineralogical Consulting Ltd

Mineral geochemistry. analytical geochemistry petrography. petrology. mineral deposits or mining. mineralogy or applied mineralogy. environmental geology statistical analysis. resource exploitation and development. resource exploration....

Professor, University

Jun 03, 2021
Winnipeg, MB | Job type:
University of Manitoba

Leading/instructing individuals arctic research products/services environmental technologies oceanographic or marine chemistry. environmental chemistry physical science

Quality Control Technician - Food Processing

May 28, 2021
North York, ON | Job type:
upper crust

Compile records and interpret experimental or analytical results quality assurance and control food chemistry up to 23 kg .50 lbs. food and beverages fast.paced environment. repetitive tasks. physically demanding. attention to...

Technologist, Medical Laboratory

May 26, 2021
242 ApplewoodConcord, ONL4K 4E5 | Job type:

Supervise other Chemists chartered Chemist .4 people urban area inorganic Chemistry. analytical Chemistry accurate. team player. excellent oral communication. excellent written communication. client focus. judgement. organized

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