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Best Construction jobs

Construction jobs

The construction job offers sector is an important pillar of the dynamism of the local economy. An industry that is currently running several wheels at a time, and contributes to the urban development of each region.

At the level of construction jobs, there are 5 sub-categories, which are residential construction (residential buildings), commercial (agricultural buildings, shops, shops, hotels, warehouses, plants, complexes Real estate), institutional (municipal buildings, schools, hospitals, universities, sports centres), manufacturing and industrial (workshops, manufacturing, factories). or five sub-sectors recruiters, in continual demand for skills of all specialties, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

Jobs in the construction industry generally include specialty trades, as well as technologist and labour functions, or career paths of all tastes, which host different training courses. The industry in question can revolve around the building and construction, Civil engineering works (bricklayer, carpenter, carpenter, construction manoeuvre), environment and territory (surveyor), electrical engineering (construction technician , technician electrical Building), metallurgical (steel ironworker, structural steel fitter, tinsmith) maintenance of motorized equipment (machinery mechanic), mechanical fabrication (engineer) and Transport (Driver and gear driver).

The main recruiters displaying job offers in construction are: entrepreneurs, elevator manufacturers, study and construction companies, architects and engineers firms, as well as all the Renovation.