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Customer Service jobs

Customer Service Jobs
The customer service sector brings together all trades that have a direct or non-relationship with clients. Among these trades are listed: The Customer relationship agent, service agent and the speciality of technical Assistance, which is particularly dedicated to listening to customer complaints after the purchase of a product or service, as well as their Provide solutions to them, via advice, solutions or accompaniments.
The main employers in customer service trades include advertising agencies, banks and caisses populaires, credit agencies, financial services companies, telecommunications companies, trade Electronic or Internet services, different service providers, hotels, municipalities & government or in call centers.
After-sales Service manager, customer relationship Coordinator or service representative may also be present on the various car dealerships, vehicle rental companies, on large areas, IT services companies as well as other retail companies.
Generally, applicants for skills related to the customer service sector first require good fluency in spoken and written French, mastery of it and communications tools, ease of integration within a team, Versatility, sympathy, good physical appearance, a good general culture, as well as the control of the product or service represented.