Difference between adaptive job server and adaptive processing server?

Adaptive Job server is handling all scheduling request. e.g report scheduling. Adaptive processing server host the services which are responsible for processing request from variety of sources.

Also, what is adaptive processing server in business objects? An adaptive Processing server is a generic server process that hosts BusinessObjects Enterprise services. It provides a hosting environment, enables the services to run and manages the life-cycle of the services including starting and stopping.

Furthermore, what happens if job Adaptive server is down? The adaptive Job Server is a “generic” server that processes Scheduled requests for different Object types. If this server stops suddenly, encounters critical errors, or slows down unexpectedly, scheduled requests will no longer be processed promptly, affecting the operations of the different object types.

Amazingly, how do you split an adaptive processing server?

  1. Stop and disable APS.
  2. Right click and uncheck automatically start server.
  3. Right click over APS select “Clone Server”, rename it (adaptive Processing services1 (DSL Bridge)) and then “Save and Close”.
  4. Remove all services except DSL Bridge Service and Security Token Service.

As many you asked, what is DSL bridge service? DSL Bridge APS is used when refreshing/scheduling a report which is based on SAP BW data source. DSL Bridge APS is a BO service which runs in Java.exe container and like other APS, the max/min memory allocated to that service is specified through Xmx/Xms values in its command line parameters.

What servers are used to process WebI Mobile reports?

The SAP BI Mobile application allows WebI and Crystal reports to be displayed and distributed through Mobile devices.

What is AJS SAP BO?

Symptom. After the Adaptive Job Server (AJS) is started and running in the Central Management Console (CMC) or the Central Configuration Manager (CCM), its status is disabled.

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