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Education jobs

Education jobs

The employment sector in education represents all the professions dedicated to education, which is a sector that considers itself the second most important in its public tranche than Canada, after that of health. He is also the third most important recruiter in the country after the retail sector, and also that of health.

The employment opportunities sector in education can be divided into two categories: pre-school, primary, secondary, and post-secondary education, which includes training Professional college or even university. At the level of Canada's provinces, the education sector comprises public and private schools, which generally require competence in: Assistant education, teacher early childhood, teacher vocational training or still in the post of Decision as trades of: training Development Officer, school Director and Director general of Education.

In the public sector the branch of education comprises nearly 2 795 establishments, employing more than 144 000 workers in several specialties. For the private sector, there are hundreds establishments in Canada that divide between primary and secondary school, and recruit more than 12 500 workers, including 7 300 in education alone.

The main recruiters posting job offers in education are: coordinating offices, school boards, early childhood centres, primary schools, youth centres, public and private daycares, detention facilities Provincial, community organizations, elementary or secondary schools, pre-kindergartens and youth centres.