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Energy jobs

Energy Jobs

Ensuring excellent energy efficiency on a daily basis, whether in our personal life, or on all industrial structures, requires the use of a methodical chain of processes, dedicated to producing, distributing or reducing Consumption of electricity, oil gas. Operations that require the intervention of professionals in heavy energy, one cites as an example, the trades of: Responsible Energy efficiency project, Adviser in power consumption, draughtsman of electrical installations or even Propane and natural gas technician.

A project electricity engineer, is one of the specialties related to the field of energy, which concerns the responsible professional on the planning, as well as the development of projects of design of electrical products. He is the coordinator who manages all the manufacturing operations of the elements, who assists his team, and who is responsible for the financial management of the project that leads. Responsibilities that he shares with a large number of professionals in his field of activity, depending on the speciality and the experience of each.

Career opportunities in the energy sector in Canada can be pursued in telecommunications companies, electricity distribution companies, manufacturers of electronic or electrical components, Energy consulting, avionics or space technology industries (or other industries), electrical equipment manufacturers, computer, automated or microprocessors, energy research Laboratories, More than recruiting opportunities at the level of the Government of Canada or at the heart of the Canadian Armed Forces.