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Food Service jobs

Food jobs

The food jobs sector is full of different career opportunities of great importance, whether in the food manufacturing industry (confectionery products, pastry, bakery, pasta or even Domestic or consumer food) or food processing (meat, poultry, vegetables, fruit, fish, cereals & crustaceans).

Generally the food categories that enter the food sector are: meats and poultry, dairy products and eggs, vegetables and vegetable preparations, fruit and fruit preparations, bakery products, seeds and Cereal products, spices and vinegar, fish and seafood, boissonsalcoolisées & non-alcoholic, sugars, confectionery and pastries.

The diversity of the specialties of the offers employment in food, is spread positively on the birth of the different career opportunities alienated to the development of the sector in question. Among the most well-known trades of the food you will be listed: The Chef production Distribution food service, the counter deli clerk or even: Food and catering technician delivery man.

It is possibly a very large industry that supports not only stable posts, but rather continual moving subsectors. In this section, we cite all the trades of mechanics and mechanical manufacturing (industrial Machines), the professions of Chemistry and biology (microbiologists, biochemists, chemists), as well as the other specialties of the administration, such as: the Director Food service, manager catering, or food store manager.

The potential employers of the trades in food jobs are mainly: slaughterhouses, agricultural cooperatives, cheese dairy, cream factory, industrial pastry, dairies, biscuit, industrial delis, hotels, industries Meat and poultry processing, agricultural consultancy firms, or at the heart of the marine products processing industries.

The food industry offers enormous opportunities, as consumers are becoming increasingly demanding, which is pushing the large food sector structures, recruiting qualified personnel, capable of inventing New strategies as well as working on sophisticated structures, in order to distinguish themselves in the face of competition.