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How do I find a job in Canada?

How do I find a job in Canada?

Are you concerned about not finding a great job in Canada?

The shortage of qualified profiles and the flexibility of the labour market make Canada very attractive.

The Canadian labour market is flexible! If the employer is not satisfied with your work, it can put you at the door very easily. The notice is calculated on the basis of seniority but above all, severance pay is low.

On the other hand, an employee will be able to leave just as quickly if he finds a better paid job. A market that works by needs. Each province has its own skilled labour needs. Visit the Job bank website where you will find information on the labour market, the standards of work by province, as well as tips for job search, creation of your CV... etc. Our job site Kanadajobs which you can do a precise search by type of profession, province, and by city.

To accept a small job while waiting to find the job that suits you best is strongly advised because Canadian employers will prefer to hire a person with local work experience rather than a person who has never worked in Canada. Small jobs or volunteer work can be highlighted on your CV, and will allow you to build a valuable network because, as noted Catherine Rouanes, director general of the Immigration Committee of Greater Moncton, "about 80% of job offers Are not displayed: This is called the "hidden market". Knowledge, relationships, in short, "networking", are therefore paramount.

Recognition of diplomas and skills it is advisable to make your diplomas legible so that they are understood by a Canadian employer. Employment specialists agree that Canada does not, as in France, have a culture of diploma, but a culture of competence and that employers will rarely demand it except in the public service where the standards are very strict, or even Under the regulated professions.

To have your diplomas recognized, there are 5 recognized organizations and members of the Canadian Alliance of Credential Assessment Services (ACESC, ACESC). It should be known that 20% of the professions in Canada are "regulated". If you are concerned, you will need to get a permit before you start working. They are governed by professional orders which alone grant permission to practise. Attention, the procedure can be cumbersome, because it is often necessary to pass professional exams, to carry out internships or trainings...

It may take a while. To find out if your profession is regulated, visit the Canadian information Centre for international credentials (CICIC) for Canada and the OPQ (Quebec Office of Professions, OPQ) for this province.

Which Canadian employers are hiring?
There are many job opportunities in Canada. Every day, more than 50.000 Canadian jobs are not filled. Kanadajobs.ca now has tools for you to target and access these job opportunities, even from abroad.

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