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Human Resources jobs

Human Resources Jobs

The tasks and responsibilities of the Human resources Employment Service are to plan the recruitment and advancement strategy for staff in each structure. Human resources is the office or service that also deals with health promotion as well as employee claims, which supports them in their difficult professional or personal situation, or when they are struggling to Integrate or move forward and respect the company's internal strategy.

The service of human resources jobs, can support the existence of several sub-professions, depending on the size of the company, one cites at this level: the job analyst, the recruitment officer, the clerk pays, or as adviser such as the staff training coordinator or the Labour Relations advisor.

The qualities required in a good staff of human resources, are mainly the correctness when applying the law, the good capacity of listening and communication, the sense of responsibility of the Organization, the excellent control of the Communication, as well as the good knowledge of foreign languages.A service related to job offers in human resources can be judged by all SMEs, large enterprises, private and public organizations, investment consulting agencies, health institutions, associations Professional and professional associations, trade unions as well as the various state organizations.