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3 qualities and 3 flaws for his job interview

What are the 3 qualities to give in a job interview?

The recruiter’s objective when he asks you about your 3 qualities and 3 faults in a job interview is to see if your personality will stick with the values ​​of the company and its dynamics.

So you will understand, to score points in a job interview, you must reveal yourself in your best light while remaining true. To make the difference when the recruiter asks for your 3 qualities and 3 faults, focus on your behavioral skills, otherwise known as soft skills. This is the new hobby of recruiters.

You must also be careful not to give too many qualities to your interlocutor. In the event that he asks you for a precise number, “give me 3 qualities”, just list what he asks of you. No more no less. If the question is open: “give me your qualities”, give one, two or even three qualities maximum to your interlocutor. By giving more qualities to the recruiter, you would appear to be too sure of yourself.

Find below 5 qualities appreciated by recruiters, make your choice and name 3 in a job interview:

  • Optimism : highlight the fact that you always see the glass half full rather than half empty. You see it on the bright side and have a solution for everything.
  • Adaptability : in companies, changes in strategy and organization are permanent. If you are flexible and adaptable, you are bound to score points with the recruiter. Do not hesitate to illustrate your point with a recent change in your current business.
  • Curiosity : you are able to learn and train yourself on new techniques or new processes. The recruiter will see you as a candidate capable of acquiring new skills and progressing to new internal positions.
  • The right relationship : you know how to bond with others, you are at ease during meetings. On some positions that require working in project mode, this is a key quality! Ditto if you aim for managerial functions.
  • The conviction : a convinced is convincing. A reassured recruiter will want to hire you. Show that you love what you do and that you have a good command of your subject.

To find out more, here is a list of 15 professional qualities for a successful job interview.

Trick : Use what those around you (your peers, your team or your manager, for example) say about you. It will also show that you are paying attention to the feedback from others.

What are the 3 flaws to be given to shine in a job interview?

How this is the case for qualities, the recruiter will surely ask you about your faults during the job interview, in particular if he wants to know 3 qualities and 3 faults concerning you.

By asking yourself “Cite 3 faults?”, The objective is the same as for the 3 qualities mentioned: to know a little more about you and to check your accounts with the position and the company.

Do not claim an exhaustive list of faults, you would pass for a candidate with problems. One or two faults are enough to characterize you. Name 3 if the recruiter specifically asks you to list 3 faults.

⚠️ Exit the faults which are in fact qualities disguised as “I am too perfectionist” or “I am too dynamic”… It is seen and reviewed by recruiters.

Below is a list of 4 faults to choose from that you can say without fear in a job interview. Select the ones that best characterize you.

  • I am ambitious : for a recruiter, having ambition is rather positive. It demonstrates the candidate’s ability to have self-confidence and to want to perform over the long term. On the condition of course of not wanting to kill father and mother to satisfy this ambition.
  • I am impatient : the impatient candidate will have a tendency to perform his tasks quickly and will find solutions quickly. Even if it means being wrong sometimes. But failure is not an end in itself and can be turned into a lever for success.
  • I have a strong character : this notion suggests that you will know how to take the leadership of a project and / or a team or that you will impose yourself and will not easily let go. In an interview, associate this defect with courage and risk-taking, two very appreciated virtues.
  • I am greedy : expressing your faults with a little humor can be wise. The cuisine brings together a good number of French people and evoking his gluttony is a clever way of expressing his appetite for new and different projects.

What are the flaws that scare recruiters away? Not all truth is always good to say. Don’t be fooled by admitting some nasty flaws that could make your future employer look bad. Among the faults not to admit, here are a few examples: aggressiveness, lack of rigor and pretension.

Our advice : for a defect to be constructive, try to put professional failure into perspective with a trait of your character and bounce back on an axis of improvement.

To find out more, here is a top 10 professional flaws for a job interview.

3 qualities and 3 faults in maintenance: what not to do!

When the recruiter asks you about him name 3 qualities and 3 faults, especially do not answer “none”. Or worse, not respond at all. This question is not asked by chance.

Your interlocutor seeks to appreciate your adaptability in the company: will you be in phase with the defended values? Are you going to stay long?

He will check that your temperament is compatible with your future manager and the members of your team. Are you a rather autonomous profile? Are you in a constant mood? Are you rather lonely?

Work upstream on the answer to the question on your 3 qualities and 3 faults. You are sure to shine on D-Day.

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