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Examples of thank you mail after an interview

Find below a example of a thank you email after a job interview to download for free and aiming to reaffirm his motivation for the post to be filled.

✅ The candidate’s strengths : the candidate analyzed the job description and took up the expected technical skills to link them to his own. He also made an effort to highlight his behavioral skills (soft skills), emphasizing his very strong motivation.

? Lcandidate’s project: this thank you email reaffirms to the recruiter his determination, his desire to join the company, his good understanding of the position and his energy.

Why send a thank you email after an interview?

It is important to send a thank you email after an interview to confirm your motivation for the position.

THE’purpose of the thank you email after an interview is triple:

  • Thank your interlocutors for the richness of the exchanges during the job interview. Politeness is always a winning value and can make a difference with other candidates.
  • Reiterate your motivation for the position (this obviously assumes that you are still interested in it). The post-interview thank you email allows you to show the recruiter that you have understood the issues presented and that you are able to reformulate them briefly.
  • Keep in touch with recruiters, especially those who have expressly indicated that they do not wish to be contacted by telephone.

Our Cadremploi advice : Obviously, you should only send a thank you email after an interview if you like the position and want to continue the recruitment process. No need to waste time writing it if you are not convinced.

How to write a thank you email after interview?

The thank you email should be short, simple and effective. There is no need to write a long essay on your motivation for the job, it has already been done in the cover letter.

The important thing is to tell the recruiter that you are still interested in the position. It is then possible to support your decision with a few recommendations for actions in connection with the missions of the position, or to remind very simply that your profile and your past experiences correspond in every way with the expectations.

No need for long speeches to be effective therefore. Five to six lines should be sufficient to summarize your motivation and to demonstrate that you have well integrated the needs of the company.

The best way to score points is to resume elements and the lexical field used during the interview. The recruiter will thus appreciate your ability to adapt and assimilate new information (in other words, unless you are sure of yourself, stick to what was put forward during the interview).

“The candidate must succinctly reformulate the two to three strong ideas mentioned during the interview. The more personalized the email, the more effective it will be with the recruiter. When someone sends me this type of message, I take the necessary time to read it, ”advises Wilhelm Laligant, Managing Director of Randstad Search & Selection.

Our Cadremploi advice : we can never say it enough, reread yourself and have yourself reread several times to banish the slightest spelling error.

How to write the subject of the thank you email after interview?

The subject line of the interview thank you email must be clear and precise. He must specifically remind the recruiter who it is and what position it is. You must always fill it in, otherwise your email will end up in the trash.

It is therefore important to clearly specify in the subject of the thank you email the purpose of your sending and the context.

Sample interview thank you email subject line

The sending of the thank you email following a job interview must contain a simple and relevant subject. Find an example Thank-you email subject structure below and customize it.

Last name – First name – Position of [indiquer l’intitulé du poste ou la référence de l’offre d’emploi] – Following our interview on [date].

When to send a thank you email to the recruiter?

Following the job interview, it is preferable to send the thank you email within 3 days that follow. This duration should be reconsidered according to the duration of the recruitment process, what was said during the interview and the urgency of the recruitment.

In general, “it is best to address this email approximately 48 hours after the interview, says Wilhelm Laligant. Before, it was too rushed. This delay shows that the candidate has taken the time to reflect ”.

However, there are exceptions to this rule. Say you are called for another interview three days later. Do you still have to send a thank you email? “Yes absolutely, you have to send a message the very evening of the first interview. The must is to make a proposal for an action or an idea », Advises Corinne Cabanes.

Another scenario: the recruiter must get back to you within 10 days to let you know if he is following up on your application. Should you wait before sending the post interview email or not? ” In that case, the right timing is to resend an email on the day of the interview or the next morning. Recall your strengths and, better yet, ask a question. The goal is to establish a dialogue off the beaten track, ”she insists.

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Who to send the thank you email to after the interview?

You must send your interview thank you email to the person (s) who interviewed you. Whether they are HR, operational or recruitment consultants, all interlocutors met must have the same level of information.

A priori, at this stage of recruitment, you must have exchanged your contact details with those of the recruiter (s). If the latter did not wish to disseminate them, you can send the message to HR, confirming your interest in the company and sending your thanks to the recruiter (s) you met.

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