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How to revive a recruiter after an interview? :

Your CV was selected, you went for an interview and according to you, it went well. You look forward to this crucial moment which is the recruiter’s response. It is slow to come according to you.

You are dying to get an answer. Whether positive or negative, you want to know what your hiring process is going to lead to. Yes or no? Accepted or refused? It is your right to know after a certain selection time.

In this article, you will find some tips and examples of follow-up emails from recruiters after a job interview.

When is the right time to follow up with a recruiter after an interview?

Note, for example, that if the position is not to be filled immediately, the recruitment process may take longer.

If you are applying for a managerial, managerial and other position of responsibility, be aware that in this case too, it may take longer than expected.

On the other hand, if in the job offer, it was said that the recruitment was urgent, then it is necessary to relaunch fairly quickly.

Let’s go back to the right time to contact the recruiter. Never do it the next day, even if the position is urgently needed. Give yourself time to assess the duties and conditions of employment. Rush is not suitable for anyone.

If, for example, a recruiter tells you: “we will contact you within a week without fail”. In this case, take your interlocutor at his word.

In summary, if a week has passed since your interview, you can contact the recruiter and ask for updates on the process. Is the position filled? Do the people responsible for hiring need additional information about you?

We’ve touched on the question of when to relaunch, now let’s look at the how.

There are those who prefer to follow up by phone and others who prefer email. There is no better way to do it, unless you are shy by nature. In this case, focus on writing to be more comfortable.

Another thing to know with the phone call is that there is the risk of disturbing your interlocutor who could be expeditious with you. A situation that could stress you more for nothing.

No matter which way you choose, there’s nothing stopping you from sending a thank you letter after the interview. It is a much appreciated attention in the HR world.

Make sure you have the correct email address so you don’t waste time. We have prepared a few sample follow-up emails to help you track your applications and interviews.

Examples of follow-up emails after an interview

Here are some examples of emails you can send to follow up with a recruiter after an interview:

Example 1:

Subject: Name and first name _ Following our interview of (date of interview) for the position of (name of position)


We exchanged during an interview on (date of interview) for the position of (name of position).

Once again, thank you for taking the time to get to know me better and for answering my questions regarding the job. This confirms my motivation and my interest in joining your company.

Let me get back to you to learn more about the recruiting process. Do you know when you will be able to make a final decision?

I remain at your disposal at any time for any question. Do not hesitate to contact me.


Last name and first name

Example 2:

For this example, we will assume that you are in an active job search process and that you have other proposals at the same time, write this kind of stimulus example:

Subject: Name and first name _ Following our interview of (date of interview) for the position of (name of position)


I would like to reiterate to you the assurance of my interest in the position of (name of position), following our interview of (date of interview).

Having taken note of the needs of your company which are (some tasks and missions related to the position), which correspond perfectly to my qualifications and to what I am currently looking for in the job market.

Since our exchange, I have had a few offers and other job interviews for similar positions. I must be aware of my availability before studying any other proposal.

Do you think you can give me a final decision-making date? If you can give me a definitive feedback on the recruiting process, that would really help me position myself.

Pending a response which I hope will be positive, I beg you Madam, Sir, to receive my sincere greetings.

Last name and first name.

To finish…

Finally, remember that participating in an interview is time you give recruiters. It is therefore your right to know the rest of the process and to inform yourself about the decision taken by the people in charge of recruitment.

All of this must be done within a reasonable time frame and with the utmost respect. It is about your reputation and your interpersonal skills.

Please note that you can find all our advice and articles on preparing for your interviews in our blog.

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