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Management jobs

Management jobs

A management job is combined in the professional environment as a heavy field, an indispensable service at the heart of each company, where the manager is trained, budget, control, manage, optimize and create contacts between the Different external and internal stakeholders, depending on the activity of the company where it operates. A management job, whether in assets or liabilities, is a sector close to accounting and finance, which continues to offer new perspectives at different levels of education. Here are some examples of trades in direct relationship with the management sector: Administrative Assistant Risk Management, computer analyst management, management adviser or even Director project management.

Potential recruiters in management job offers are manufacturing SMEs, large manufacturing companies, consulting and engineering firms or trustees. In terms of quality, recruiters first hunt qualified profiles, whose know-how exceeds all limits, except that to succeed in any field of activity, it is also necessary to have a good know-how, which represents the real key of success and continuity in each structure. In this part, this professional, must show a great sense of responsibility, a good ability to defy, have a good sense of analysis, master the tools of communication and sharing, be autonomous, organized and open-minded.

The most sensitive management jobs are the Front office, it is the professional who is responsible only for the financial management of the portfolios, whether in investment or divestment. The Middle office also forms a business of the management bouquet, which is responsible for the administrative processing of the transactions and negotiations underlined by the Front office. He is the analyst who calculates, studies the conditions of each administrative and financial steps.

On the Back-Office you can also find specialties related to a job in management as in administration of funds, in marketing and marketing to the management as well as in the specialties of the support functions (legal professions, tax, or communication systems).