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Real Estate jobs

Real Estate Jobs

Several courses of training lead to career options in the heart of the real estate sector, one cites in this sense the specialties: from real Estate assistant, real estate planning analyst, real estate broker, real estate manager or even the Job of maintenance technician buildings. A number of sectors can also be placed in purely real estate structures, which includes specialties in crafts, engineering or finance.

Despite the price crisis that surrounds the real estate sector in the world, as well as the fears underlined by the analyses in this sense, there remains an area in continual research of good skills, especially skilled salesmen, armed with good Technical and legal knowledge. Generally these are the trades of prospecting, management and diagnostics, which hold good at the moment.

The applicants for the related profiles to the real estate sector are: real estate management firms, real estate agencies, property consulting firms, real estate brokerage firms, financial institutions, companies The municipal housing offices and many others.

In terms of qualities and aptitudes, recruiters promote profiles that have a dense sense of negotiation & analysis, generally autonomous, organized, presentable profiles that have the ease of communicating and exchanging in different Environment and conditions.