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Restaurant Bar Jobs

The restaurant-bar sector, refers to all the trades which consist of the preparation of the dining rooms, the reception of the guests, the cooking of dishes of flavours, gastronomic, hot buffets, desserts, or even serving alcoholic beverages to Your visitors ' tables. A branch that binds strongly to the sector catering hospitality and tourism, which annually recruits in Canada thousands of skills depending on help kitchen, cashier Restaurant, master hotel or catering server.

As one of the services and hospitality sectors par excellence, a significant number of qualities and skills are now being made one of the requirements of recruiters throughout the country, you are quoted first: The good physical condition, the sense of Motivation, good hearing ability, good sense of analysis and observation, good presentation, ability to work under pressure and teamwork, be organized, as well as have good fast calculation skills. The knowledge of foreign languages particularly English is strongly recommended.

Generally the main recruiters in catering trades-bar are hotels, restaurants, food service companies, caterers, golf clubs, shipping companies, air, and rail, different hostels Of the region, as well as in the heart of large companies with a cafeteria service.

The catering-bar trades offer many opportunities for advancement and evolution, particularly at the heart of the hotel and catering industry, which are continually enlarged by projects. With experience and motivation, a Restaurant manager can easily pass to the post of director catering, same thing for the server restoration, which can also climb with a little more ambition to the position of Supervisor restoration.