Flaws in your CV to be corrected in 5 minutes

This might sound cruel to you, but when faced with dozens – if not hundreds – of applications, recruiters often do an initial triage by looking for the biggest problems in CVs. Keljob reveals to you these formatting or organization errors that you can fix in a few minutes.

Chronological confusion

In the content of the CV, it is the chronological inaccuracies that are the most frequent and the most penalizing, warns Céline Lachenal, recruiting officer at SGS. “To facilitate reading, you need a chronological CV with specific dates indicating the year but also the month of arrival and departure of the person at the post in question. “Too many candidates still try to hide holes in a course with imprecise dates, for example by failing to include the months. “It is a mistake because it arouses on the contrary the attention, estimates Karen Tuyserne, of hiring Be clear by mentioning parental leave or a possible sabbatical. Transparency always pays more than trying to withhold information. »In the section devoted to professional experiences, it is also better indicate in the header the last experience related to the position in question, recommends Pauline Lahary: “If you want to resume an activity in events but in the meantime you have worked in a fast food restaurant, relegate this last activity to a sub-heading” other activities “to highlight all that you have been able to accomplish before in the event. “If he feels like he’s reading a generic application that could have been sent to any other company, that’s a problem.”

An imprecise and irrelevant CV

“The question that a recruiter can ask himself is: has the candidate worked at least on personalizing his CV? If he feels like he’s reading a generic application that could have been sent to any other company, that’s a problem », Points out Philippe Hemmerlé, director of the CVfirst cabinet. To avoid going off topic, use the keywords from the ad and put them forward, for example by highlighting them or indicating them in bold: a level of diploma required, computer tools to master, a level of language … “Be as explicit as possible,” adds Pauline Lahary. Don’t just indicate that you speak English for example, it’s too vague. Give a TOEIC score or a length of stay abroad. Another example: to express a skill such as dynamism, you can signal the success of a perilous mission with a tight deadline. “Without these concrete elements, the recruiter will tend to go through the CV without anything to hold his attention and he will quickly move on to the next one,” notes Pauline Lahary.

The missing basic elements

The header which contains the basic elements of the candidate should nevertheless be taken seriously. However, this is not always the case, observes Philippe Hemmerlé: “Not giving your geographical location, for example, can be problematic. This is the principle of the task on the shirt: the recruiter will only see this missing detail and worry. If you are applying in Paris and live in Marseille, instead play the franchise by clearly stating something like “I live in Marseille but have a pied-à-terre in Paris”, rather than trying to hide this information. Also pay attention to its presentation: professional photo if you decide to show it and serious contact details. It seems incredible, but “too many candidates forget to indicate a phone number or make the wrong number”, deplores Céline Lachenal. An obviously fatal flaw … Conversely, some applications can pose a problem because of too much information, some of which is unnecessary and disturbing.

Format errors

But it’s all to no good if your CV doesn’t reach recruiters because of technical errors. “Still too many candidates make formal errors which automatically eliminate them”, notes Pauline Lahary, founder of myCVfactory. For example ? “Mailings in a format that the recruiter cannot read, incompatible between Mac and PC. Prefer the PDF format for universal readability. Another format error that can send your CV directly to the trash: “When it exceeds two pages, except in exceptional cases, an experienced researcher for example,” warns Karen Tuyserne. The standard in France is a one-page CV, two maximum in certain professions with more than 15 years of experience.

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