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The trades or jobs in the sale form specialties that are combined in different sectors of activity, a little farther from the jobs of retail sales, the specialties related to the sale are more focused on the board, as well as strategies More dense trade. We cite at this level the trades of: Head of the Sales Promotion Department, adviser to the sale of automobiles in the various car dealerships, or even the director business development.

The diversity of specialty in the sector of job offers of the sale in Canada, attracts more and more young people as the most experienced to be part of it, in the main sub-categories of a sale, which is articulated in consulting trades for sale (Co Nseiller seller), more technical trades (Technico-Commercial), trades of sales and trade (internal seller, direct sales), or level e management and marketing heavier like the trades of Director of e-commerce.

Career and advancement opportunities in the sector or job on sale are usually encouraging, it is enough to show its qualities and aptitudes in terms of contact with customers, its communication and exchange capabilities, as well as the Good knowledge of the product represented. As an area of contact par excellence, the opportunities and job offers that are currently being posted are more found on the various dealerships in the province, whether it is for car sales or any other type of vehicle, As well as at the level of service or product sales companies.

For specialties or employment sales representative or home seller, a significant number of skills and qualifications must be respected, emphasis on: professional behavior, good knowledge in information sharing, good appearance Physical, sense of listening and analyzing the needs of the clientele, as well as the ability to collaborate in team or at the heart of a sales team, not forgetting the knowledge to stand out against your colleagues.