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Scientific jobs

Scientific jobs

There are several trades that are part of a scientific job sector. Specialties that for the majority of cases require a course of university training, or specific technical. If you are still hesitant about the way to go in this direction, you are suggested to elect one of the following science-related specialties: Scientific analyst data, biochemist, geneticist, physicist, materials technician, or the profession of technician In naval Engineering.

The employers of the jobs of the science are numerous, one cites as example, the public research centres, the private research centres, the different industries, the telecommunications companies, the universities, the laboratories, International organizations or opportunities in the Government of Canada, at the heart of the departments that are dedicated to research such as the Department of Natural Resources, energy efficiency agencies, Public health and much more.

As these scientific jobs are generally sensitive trades, recruiters in these specialties require out of professional skills, a significant number of qualities, which can combine into an interest in discovery, curiosity Scientific, precision, good methodology in the work, the sense of organization, a good memorization of information, respect the professional secrecy, the ease of communicating to exchange and work in a team, the possibility of being And a good control of foreign languages especially English.

Here are some related professions in the scientific sector that Carton in Canada: Microbiologist, chemical engineering Technologist, Maritime engineering officer and research scientist.