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Security jobs

Security jobs

Occupations related to the security job offer sector, reflect the responsibility to ensure security for persons, property, public or private organizations. The safety professional that he is one: Security officer, head of property Protection, bodyguard, military Police, or technician Centre investigation, is the sole responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of a security system, as well as to ensure the application Safety procedures and standards within a community

Each of the professionals in the security sector takes on a sensitive mission. Whether in the miliary part, in the police corps, or private security officers, the profession is far beyond the limit of the function, since all those responsible in this sector are humanly involved in their various intervention operations. .

Security professionals, whether they are a patrol officer, safety officer, or security supervisor, can collaborate in the industrial sector, in police assistance, in close protection of persons, in security of Crowd, in hospital settings, in real estate security, airport or even port.

In terms of the qualities and aptitudes required for all stakeholders in the field of safety, one selects first, good physical condition, very good self-confidence, good analytical capacity and observation, a dense Self-reliance and initiative. A good safety technician, is usually the being who is in constant standby during his service.

Potential employers in security trades are: security agencies, private investigative agencies, all airport and port security authorities, provincial detention centres, insurance companies or of credit, banks, real estate companies, railway companies, at the heart of the police force, security systems installation firms, the Canadian Armed Forces, the Canada government, shopping malls, Financial institutions as well as large industries.