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Social Care jobs

Social Care jobs

The social professions are underlined by an extreme nobility, these are generally specialties that surround the fight against exclusion, which advise and accompany families or persons in difficulty or with specific needs. An area that relies heavily on specialized training, but more on love, passion and motivation to exercise. This is what can be easily uncovered from the professions of the social assistance officer, the Family and social Auxiliary, or at the home transition workers, family/child counsellors or also in the category dedicated to mental health support.

Social assistance, as its name implies, is an area that deals with sensitive subjects, these are professions of listening par excellence, analysis and intervention. Professionals in this sector of activity, dealing with dislocated families, people suffering from drug or alcohol problems, persons in difficulty of integration in society or in the labour market, elderly people or with needs Specific.

The profile working in the field of social assistance will have the task of evaluating each person, determining his needs, as well as planning the appropriate contingency plan for his follow-up. The plan of intervention of this profile, also depends on the sector where it operates, which can identify itself as a continuation: family or youth interventions, interventions in gerontology, school, Mental health, addictions, delinquency or with the Communities.

The potential employers in the field of social assistance are particularly the shelters or long-term care centres, the reception and accommodation centres for disabled persons, reception centres and private accommodation, centres of Rehabilitation in intellectual impairment and disorders, rehabilitation centres in addictions, rehabilitation centres, social service centres, local employment and development centres, community service centres, youth Centre, School boards, private primary and secondary schools, home care companies, detention facilities, hospitals, transition homes... and much more.

In matters of qualities and aptitudes which the majority of recruiters seek in the field of social assistance, one stresses: the sense of understanding, the ease of communication, attentive listening, the sense of responsibility, the spirit of analysis, empathy, The discretion, the spirit of initiative, the good sense of observation, the ability to adapt to several workplaces, a skill to work in a team, or with teams, as well as the good control of the language.