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Transportation jobs

Transportation jobs

The transportation jobs sector in Canada forms an important pillar of good economic health in the country. It forms an industry that generates an income of nearly 134 billion. This is a constantly evolving sector which continues to flourish in the field of manufacturing, distribution, or consumption, at the level of its four categories: road, sea, rail, or air Transport.

In Canada, job offers in the transport industry is one of the most important, which is full of 11 800 companies that recruit a figure of around 280 000 workers in different trades, such as: Driver, station manager, driver of Subway or even airplane pilot. The attractiveness of the sector, is the career variation it supports, in terms of specialty, this is what attracts young people to embark on the most modest careers (vendor-delivery) to the most refined & technical (Director of The operation of a transport company).

The major employers in transportation trades in Canada are particularly trucking companies, moving companies, chemical and petrochemical (or other) food companies, public or private transport enterprises Urban transportation companies, airlines and airlines, railways or marine companies, aviation companies, as well as various opportunities present at the level of the Government of Canada.

At the level of recruitment employers in Canada are demanding, in order to best meet the stakes of one of the most powerful industries in Canada. The good looking profiles are usually those who show skills in their field of expertise, who have good knowledge in foreign languages, good knowledge also in transport regulation, good control of the tool It, plus a very dense sense of motivation and versatility.