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Tourism or travel jobs

If you want to integrate a world of passion par excellence, the tourism sector is what you need! Tourism brings together several sub-areas such as accommodation, catering, transportation, and travel and leisure, which offers a wide range of career choices to various types of profiles.

The trades in the tourism and accommodation sector concerns establishments offering accommodation services to travellers and tourists, such as hotels, tourist residences, lodgings, holiday centres, youth hostels, camping facilities, Outfitting facilities as well as the host villages. Establishments that ask for more: Tourist reception attendant or hostess. For those who integrate catering services to the accommodation, they recruit more the category of profiles related to the kitchen and customer services.


For the tourist transport, travel and leisure sector, the demand targets more profiles such as: Booking Agent, leisure animator, tourist Guide, or leisure instructor. In particular, the tourism sector is responsible for high-level positions, which require not only a specialized training course, but a dense experience in management, management and marketing, in this aspect the professions of: Director Tourist establishment or the position of Director of tourism development.

The main employers in tourism trades in Canada are mainly the lodging and catering establishments, the hotel chains, the travel agencies, the tourist guides companies, the transport companies Tourist, airlines and maritime companies, organisation of congresses or events, as well as the various local tourist resorts.

To succeed in the different professions related to the tourism sector, you just have to be competent in your specialty, have a good presentation, master the techniques of communication, have a good emotional balance, a good sense of observation , a good sense of organization and refinement, as well as a huge facility to exchange as a team or with groups of tourists and travelers.